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BHL Conveyor Technology


The Client

BHL Conveyor Technology has been providing bespoke conveyor and automation solutions to a wide range of manufacturers for over thirty years.  Their solutions are widely used in sectors such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and the automotive industry. They boast Heinz as a key customer, providing key elements of the technology used to produce over a millions cans of beans a day!

They have a strong reputation for exceeding customer expectations, providing bespoke conveyor technology that overcomes complex engineering challenges and improves productivity.  They believe that by implementing strong infrastructure and quality systems, their customers all receive true value for money, and through increased efficiencies and a reduction in waste, a more sustainable way of working.

The Challenge

Like many manufacturers experiencing growth, BHL Conveyor Technology found their existing systems were no longer fit for purpose. They were using an ageing bespoke database solution for order management, and with increased volumes and a significant amount of time passed since its original implementation, it had become obvious a new system was needed.

The key aim was to source a solution that would provide greater visibility across their business. From financial management to production scheduling, supply chain, order and customer account management, they needed a solution that offered a real-time view of their operations and their profitability. With the bespoke nature of their manufacturing operation, it was also key that projects could be tracked and managed effectively.

Moving away from disparate systems and software for different areas of the business was also a key goal.

The Solution

After multiple conversations and careful consideration of the existing business, Eventura recommended industry-leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software Sage 200. It was clear there were two requirements from the software, the first being strong financial, order and customer management. With this in mind, Sage 200 Financials and Commercials were the obvious choice. 

Sage 200 Financials, consisting of sales ledger, purchase ledger, nominal ledger, fixed assets and cash book was implemented to look after all of the businesses finances. Alongside, Sage 200 Commercials was implemented to manage all aspects of stock and supply chain, with the resulting data flowing seamlessly into Sage 200 Financials.

The second requirement from the software was strong project management capabilities. The Sicon Projects module for Sage 200 was the perfect fit, offering  BHL a way to manage every stage of a project’s life cycle with best-in-class project management tools such as job management screens and work in progress functionality.

The Result

BHL Conveyor Technology now boasts a robust ERP solution that integrates core financials with order, supply chain, inventory, customer and project management. Efficiency gains and cost savings have been made across all aspects of the business through advanced automation.

Bespoke manufacturing projects can now be managed effectively to ensure maximum profitability and guaranteed customer satisfaction. All business data now exists in a single database, improving accuracy and offering real-time visibility and user-friendly reporting that can be trusted.

Sage 200 has revolutionised the way the business operates, with productivity at an all time high
and the foundations for future growth now in place.

The Future

With the tools now in place for further growth, BHL Conveyor Technology is looking positively to the future. Their new Sage 200 business solution means they can deliver excellence to their existing customers and new customers alike.

Following on from the success of the project, BHL are already in talks with Eventura about upgrading their entire IT infrastructure. Eventura looks forward to supporting them in their ongoing digital transformation by helping them move their operations to the cloud.

“Our new Sage 200 ERP solution has provided full visibility across the business. Streamlined processes and workflows are 100% more efficient.”

Lisa Bolton – Finance Manager – BHL

“We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Eventura.”

Lisa Bolton – Finance Manager – BHL

“Our Eventura Sage Consultant was very supportive, and his product knowledge is vast which was key in ensuring the success of the project. Great experience all round.”

Lisa BoltonFinance Manager – BHL

“Our Eventura Sage Consultant and the support team have written Excel reports that integrate directly with Sage 200 that are bespoke to us and provide live project reporting at any point in time, which is a game changer for us.”

Lisa BoltonFinance Manager – BHL

“We chose Eventura because they were a local well established IT company who came highly recommended.”

Lisa Bolton – Finance Manager – BHL

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