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Sicon Web Authorisation Processor (WAP) for Sage 200

September 8, 2022

Sicon WAP is a web-based application that you install locally, designed to integrate with Sage 200 in real-time. It provides automated data entry and approval processing functions for various business documents, such as:

  • Invoices
  • Requisitions
  • Timesheets
  • Expenses
  • Sales Orders
  • Holidays
  • Human Resources

You can set the parameters for approvals based on nominal code, user, job/project, value and document type. You also get real-time analysis of nominal and project actual costs against budgets as well as committed costs.

Sicon WAP is scalable for between 1 and 2,000 users. It supports CSV imports for both users and approval routes and facilitates approval/entry limits per user. You can integrate with Sage Project Accounting or Sicon Projects and it accommodates approval by single users or user groups per approval step.

Mandatory users are included if budgets are exceeded, or you can include mandatory users regardless of values. Custom field values can drive approval behaviour and you can choose from custom or ad-hoc approval routes as required.


Overview of key features:


  • A web-based, highly scalable solution.
  • Secure user login.
  • Integrates directly with Sage and runs with Multiple Sage Companies.
  • Approval routes by nominal code, project, user and value, with approval limits assigned by the user.
  • Full approval audit trail.
  • Integrated email notifications.
  • User-friendly dashboards.
  • Integrates with Sicon Documents.


Sicon WAP Modules Available


1. Purchase Requisitions

Sicon WAP enables you to raise purchase requisitions using Sage 200 nominals, suppliers, stock items/free texts, budgets and projects. The creation of purchase orders into Sage 200 is automated after the approval of the requisition. The module could be used with Sage 200 Financials only if required.

You can manually set parameters like approval and purchase order entry limits and raise stock, free text, comment order and additional charge lines. Each requisition can include notes and justification documents. For stock items, you can search by approved suppliers and supplier part number and create rapid requisitions for each supplier using templates. Once requisitions are authorised, purchase orders are automatically created in Sage 200.

Once approved, orders can be printed and emailed to suppliers directly from WAP. Goods received can be confirmed via the WAP interface.


2. Invoice Approval

Automatically pick up unauthorised invoices from Sage 200 including scanned images. Invoices can be created in WAP to facilitate flexible amendment of projects and VAT during the approval process. Invoices can also be routed for multi-level approval from within the WAP system. The solution can be integrated with Sicon DMS as well as other document scanning solutions for your convenience.

In Sage 200, invoices are authorised within the Sage 200 purchase ledger when created. There will be a ‘requires authorisation’ flag in the purchase ledger, which then triggers the upload of the invoice to the WAP system for approval. Alternatively, you can enter invoices directly into WAP for the amendment of VAT and jobs/projects during the approval process.

Once approved, invoices are posted to Sage 200. You can view unauthorised WAP invoices from within the Sage 200 purchase ledger. It is possible to drill back from the invoice to view the original purchase request in WAP, and invoices can be amended before approval is granted.


3. Expenses

Expenses processing is streamlined via browser or mobile app, accommodating multi-options approval routings on the basis of the project, user, nominal codes and more. Expense items are preconfigured by user so selection choices are easy, and max claim values are applied per claim location and user.

There are configurable grades for optional subsistence claims processing, with rates that comply with HMRC guidelines. Mileage claims are approved via integrated Google Maps distance calculators to enhance data entry, including features for multi-stop journeys, return journeys and deducting normal work commute miles.

Expenses are entered into the WAP system along with supporting data and documents. Expense types are allocated for each user and approved expenses are posted to the Sage purchase ledger.


4. Timesheets

Timesheets can be entered into the WAP web-based interface via computer or mobile device. Cost, charge and pay rates can be tracked on the basis of working patterns. When contracted hours are completed, weekly timesheets are submitted for approval with parameters including the submission of users or projects selected in the timesheet. There is also the option to track allowances like overnight stays, overseas travel and late working via timesheets.

All work activities can be configured against individual employees, with customisable work patterns that incorporate flexible options. A Time and Attendance solution is integrated with a user enquiry facility to check time prior to submission. The module is designed for production/non-IT and professional users and can be accessed via browser on most Windows PC and mobile devices.


5. Holidays

Holiday requests can be raised based on annual entitlements. There will be automatic checks for conflicts with other users, as well as mandatory holidays/shutdowns and specific departmental rules. The calendar view allows approvers to look at other bookings in their business units.

It starts with a user submitting a holiday request into the WAP application. Each user is linked to holiday work patterns that calculate how many hours they would work on any specific day of the week. There are configurable approval routes per person and holiday clashes are prevented by configuring individuals who cannot be on holiday simultaneously. Approved holidays can be entered as a diary appointment for the originator.

Bank holidays are automatically updated for each new year. You can also add special holidays manually to the holiday register, each of which can reduce holiday entitlement. WAP Holidays can update user timesheets if both modules are deployed concurrently.


6. Sales Orders

Sales orders can be raised using Sage 200 for customers, free text entry or stock items. Information from the Sage 200 price book relating to projects and special pricing is used. You can automatically create sales orders in Sage 200 after approval of the order.

Each user can be assigned sales order entry and approval limits. You can raise stock, free text, additional charge and comment order lines, with justification documents and notes for each sales order. With the Sicon Enhancement Pack, you can search to identify stock items using customer part numbers.

Sales quotes and sales orders are automatically created in Sage 200 once authorisation is confirmed. You can also print sales orders when approved and email customers directly from WAP. When used in combination with Sicon Distribution, you can see advanced stock movements and landed costs.


7. Human Resources

WAP HR enables WAP users to view and update relevant HR information with self-service access. This includes things like next of kin, bank details, qualification details and expiry dates and booking planned absence. New company policies can be easily distributed along with other information for team members, and staff absence can be monitored using the Bradford factor scoring system.

WAP HR runs as a separate module with Sicon WAP, with a self-service interface for users to update information. Qualifications and expiry dates are stored, and notifications can be sent out when qualifications are due to expire. Information includes current job role details appraisals history, salary and benefits with support for multiple jobs in established organisations.

Log and monitor absence and distribute policies and procedures with user acceptance tracking. Integrate with WAP Holidays, Timesheets and Expenses modules for more comprehensive operations management. Reports are provided within WAP.




Authorisation can be a laborious and drawn out task for any business, but even more so for those with large head counts, multiple approval avenues and disparate departments. Sicon Web Authorisation Processor (WAP) for Sage 200 reduces the manual processes associated with the approval process, streamlining it, improving accuracy and ultimately speeding it up.


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