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Sage 200 Reporting Tools

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August 30, 2022

The reporting capabilities of Sage 200 are extensive, and there are an extensive number of standard reports available. There are also pre-built, customisable reports and layouts available through the Sage Report Designer tool.

You can customise and create your own reports and dashboards from start to finish using the Business Intelligence suite. Power BI enables the unlocking of powerful reporting features incorporating stunning visualisations and interactive dashboards. And Excel Reporting lets you delve into the finer details and generate customised reports using Microsoft Excel.

There are benefits to each of these tools, but the goal is always the same. You are working to gain the information you need in the way you want to be able to visualise it. Business reports offer actionable insights for management like data relating to spending, profitability and growth. Reports reveal important details that can be leveraged to develop forecasts, guide budget planning and plan marketing as well as improve decision-making across the board.

Reporting also promotes transparency and helps with meeting a number of legal requirements for different industries. And it enables organisations to compare themselves with their competitors to help with the establishment of objectives.

In a nutshell, reporting is critical to success in virtually any industry, and Sage 200 offers a range of powerful tools for generating the reports you need in the way you want.


Sage 200 Excel Reporting


The Excel Reporting tool is provided as standard with Sage 200. Straight out of the box, you are supplied with a selection of robust pre-built reports. If necessary, you can also pay for additional advanced reports that Sage has compiled for users. It is a user-friendly, intuitive tool for anyone that is proficient in the use of Microsoft Excel and, though the reports are contained within Sage 200, they open in Excel where they can be customised and analysed.

Sage 200 Excel Reporting includes the following features:

  • Ready-to-use reports straight out of the box.
  • Optional upgrades to access even more pre-built reports.
  • A simple, user-friendly tool that will be familiar for Excel user.s
  • Confident analysis of your data.
  • One-click functionality for filtering, formulating and formatting your reports.
  • The ability to customise, save and upload into Sage 200.
  • Deeper analysis capabilities with detailed drill-down.


Sage 200 Business Intelligence (BI)


With Sage 200 Business Intelligence, you get access to 16 powerful and predefined data cubes. These deliver a comprehensive view of all your data. The module is based in Excel and it enables users to modify existing Sage 200 cloud BI reports and create new ones from scratch. Everything is very user-friendly and reports can be created quickly and simply.

The features and benefits of Sage 200 Business Intelligence include:

  • A varied suite of pre-defined reports to get you up and running swiftly. For example, you can generate reports on profit and loss by cost centre and department, stock valuation of top customers using pre-built reports out of the box.
  • You can layer report parameters to facilitate multi-dimensional analysis. This means you can analyse profits and losses from different perspectives like cost centre, time period of department.
  • Underlying values can be analysed with drill down to fine details.
  • Different reports can be synchronised via data filter synchronisation to enable more in-depth analysis. Data is refreshed frequently to ensure you are working with up-to-date reporting for better-informed decision-making.
  • You gain the ability to define additional calculations depending on the individual needs of your organisation. Month-end can be handled quickly with dynamic reports that enable modification at the click of a button.


Sage 200 Report Designer


One of the main reporting tools found within Sage 200 is Sage Report Designer. It is a powerful tool that provides a number of pre-built reports designed for users encompassing each of the modules of Sage 200. With Report Designer, you can add to expressions and calculations within the data to assist with accurate and efficient analysis.

Reports in Sage 200 can be easily amended using an intuitive drag and drop builder to make modifications to any of Sage’s pre-existing reports. You can also use the same functionality to create your own reports from scratch.

With Sage 200 Report Designer, you can:

  • Create new reports and documents using the intuitive drag and drop tools.
  • Make changes to any of the hundreds of standard reports and documents, like adding/removing criteria, dividing information into subgroups, filtering information, adding images or changing style choices.
  • Add information from other data sources, including other Sage 200 modules.


Sage 200 Power BI


Power BI is a data analytics tool from Microsoft based in the cloud. It allows the pulling of data from various sources to create quality reports with stunning visualisations and engaging dashboards. This allows you to track changes within your business and monitor progress towards objectives in real-time.

Power BI can be linked directly to the Sage 200c SQL database to ensure the data that informs your dashboards is always up-to-date. The data that can be accessed includes Excel files, .CSV files and Power BI Desktop files, and databases can also be connected to pull information from platforms like SQL Server, Azure and Analysis Services, as well as MailChimp, Salesforce and Google Analytics.

Key benefits of Sage 200 Power BI include:


  • Uniquely powerful dashboards customised to your needs. These can cover things like sales, warehouse and customers and can be shared throughout your organisation to bring the team together towards common goals.
  • All that data can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Mobile devices are supported via the Power BI app and users can log into the browser site, so the dashboards and reports are available to everyone at all times.




The reporting capabilities of Sage 200 are diverse and powerful, with the flexibility to allow users to carry out reporting in the way that works for them. The importance of business reporting cannot be overstated, so it is crucial to have the tools in place to do it effectively. With Sage 200, you have everything your business could possibly need when it comes to reporting.


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Our team of expert business analysts, developers, consultants, technicians and support staff will guide you through your Sage 200 project from conception, through to deployment and ongoing support.

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