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NetSuite for Startups

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November 14, 2022

The modern global marketplace is a competitive one. In order to stand out from the competition, startups need to be able to quickly adapt to change, no matter what sector they operate in. Many startups find that this can be aided with the use of an integrated, cloud-based business management platform.

This could be a superb investment for a growing organisation, providing a robust technology foundation to deploy all your basic back-office functions right from the outset. To do this right, you need a system with a flexible design that is ready to accommodate new opportunities and respond to risks the instant they arise.

Flexibility is important, but it is not the only priority for startups. A common requirement among emerging businesses is the need to invest in systems that are built for scalability so that they can grow with you.

Startups are oriented for different forms of growth; some might be propped to expand into international markets, while others are preparing for investment or IPO. In any case, they must be prepared to make adaptations for a dynamic and sometimes unpredictable marketplace. To accomplish this, companies who plan to undergo rapid growth often turn to NetSuite to bring in things like streamlined financial processes and unique preparations for growth by accelerating operations.

With the true Cloud ERP that is NetSuite, businesses can grow with confidence in systems that respond to their requirements every step of the way. No need to constantly look for new software to integrate into your ad hoc ecosystem; simply choose the modules you need and put them to work!

Here are some ways startups benefit from implementing NetSuite early on:


Reduced IT Costs


One of the first challenges for any startup is to raise the initial capital and try to keep overheads and business expenses down. This is a significant challenge that is often an obstacle to success for startups as they enter the business world. With NetSuite’s cloud model, you can completely eliminate costs related to on-site IT and costly on-premise hardware.

NetSuite delivers updates automatically so businesses can always have peace of mind that they are using the most up-to-date version of the software. It also comes with a modular design, so startups can begin using only the modules and the number of users they need and add more as they grow and expand. In fact, NetSuite really doesn’t cost as much as people might think for this very reason – you only pay for what you need at any given time.




We have talked about the flexibility needed by startups, and NetSuite enables growing businesses to manage all mission-critical processes in a unified, centralised, cloud-based ecosystem. This is what makes it truly ready for the needs of any business no matter its size or the sector they operate in.

All around the world, in businesses of every size and industry, NetSuite facilitates employee agility and the true cloud structure provides things like remote working. This enables small businesses to be more innovative and adaptive swiftly and effectively to changes in the market, as well as economic fluctuations and business opportunities.




NetSuite is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that has been tailored to a wide range of industries. It offers built-in business process flows and KPIs that are optimised for virtually any industry as required. Through NetSuite SuiteSuccess, they offer businesses within a specific industry an already configured solution to meet their needs.

Even so, NetSuite acknowledges that there are unique, individual requirements for every business, so it provides the ability to customise the turnkey system at will. This way, companies can tweak the platform to meet their own business requirements, with things like unique workflows, pre-defined roles, custom dashboards and bespoke metrics.




Designed using leading practices and leveraging the experience gained from over 20 years of cloud ERP deployments, NetSuite is a trusted and reliable ERP solution that is perfect for the growth of your startup.

There are more than 24,000 NetSuite customers worldwide, so you can rest assured it is a proven partner to many. With a reputation that precedes it, NetSuite is recognised as the leader in cloud ERP across a wide range of industries, with plenty of users who would recommend it to any startup.

NetSuite also boasts a near perfect uptime of 99.9% meaning you can count on your software when you need it.




Another key concern we discussed for startups is scalability – they need systems that are ready to grow with them. NetSuite is a centralised management suite that spans finance, CRM, HR, inventory management and much more, seamlessly unifying data and information from all facets of the businesses in a single location.

With a modular design, the system is highly scalable. You can add new modules and increase your user base as required, so the system can easily grow with your company. This is true whether you are expanding into multiple territories where different languages, tax regimes and currencies are required, or simply changing business models or broadening your offering of services or products. However your startup expects to grow, NetSuite is primed to be exactly what you need, when you need it.

Another thing worth mentioning here is NetSuite’s Point of Sale (POS) solution. This integrates with devices like tablets and smartphones to enable payments you take in-store or at things like trade exhibitions and pop-ups to be seamlessly unified with your central ERP system. This can be a particularly useful feature for startups, streamlining payments and cutting out a lot of manual work that would otherwise be required to keep financial records up-to-date.




NetSuite is equipped to meet the back-office needs of any company, no matter the size or the stage of growth it is at. Its single, unified cloud solution has been a boon to everyone from startups to medium-sized enterprises and even large multinational organisations. With NetSuite, these companies have the tools they need to unlock their growth potential.

The true cloud ERP software from NetSuite streamlines a wide range of mission-critical processes and cuts down your IT costs. It also delivers vast scalability and an agile, future-proof platform with the ability to evolve along with your changing needs. In short, NetSuite is the first and last ERP solution your business will need to operate smoothly and efficiently.

There’s often a misconception that startups are too small for business solutions like NetSuite but this isn’t the case. Many modern startups have strong investment and plans in place for rapid growth. Through implementing a robust cloud-based business solution like NetSuite, startups can get off to a flying start, and future proof their operations.

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