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Is Sage 200 affordable for small businesses?


October 4, 2022

It’s 2022 and small businesses need big solutions in order to grow. Big Data is something that promises so much for businesses of all sizes, enabling technology to give us an unprecedented amount of insight into products and customers


Many smaller businesses simply need better, smarter ways to manage their data, even if they are not looking to expand into entirely new datasets. It boils down to a need to have all the different systems within the business communicate with one another, alongside automation features to take some of the drudgeries out of daily operations.

This is where Sage 200 comes into the conversation. Many small business owners may assume that an ERP solution like Sage 200 is outside their budget, but this may not be true.


What is Sage 200?


Small businesses may be more familiar with Sage 50. It’s a handy piece of accounting software that can handle many of the needs of a small business, but it often doesn’t take long for a business to outgrow the limited functionality of Sage 50. Problems and errors can start to creep in because the software simply wasn’t designed for businesses over a certain size.


Sage 200 is built for growing businesses. It is capable of handling more than 100,000 transactions and is built to support businesses with multiple departments, cost centres and locations with warehouse inventory management needs.

There are two options available, Sage 200 Standard which is entirely cloud-based and offers an almost out-the-box ERP solution. The other option is Sage 200 Professional which is highly customisable to suit the more niche requirements of some industries.

Sage 200 will deliver on your more complex needs as your small business starts to grow, moving far beyond mere accounting solutions to handle things like:


  • Business Intelligence
  • CRM
  • Stock Control
  • Purchase/Sales Order Processing
  • Manufacturing


It is agile and scalable, so once you’re on Sage 200 you will likely be on it for some time to come. For a more detailed look at the different versions of Sage 200, please feel free to read our informative article Sage 200 – Standard vs Professional Compared.

Also please feel free to take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about Sage 200.


Why is now a good time to shift to Sage 200?


Some small businesses may feel like growth is a little out of reach now. Even if this is the case, there is still plenty of benefit to getting your systems to work more effectively with your accounting functions. Customers engage with brands online in so many ways, whether paying for products, services or anything else. The shift towards eCommerce was always gaining momentum, and the lockdowns that resulted from the pandemic caused a giant leap in that direction.

This means greater demand than ever before via online channels and more custom for small businesses that have an eye on growing in their industry. The problem is that this can lead to more headaches if your systems are not equipped. Firstly, you can miss out on opportunities to learn more about your customers and upsell, cross-sell and generally work to gain their loyalty. You may also experience more issues with stock selling out and things like your accounting needs becoming infinitely more complex.

A move to Sage 200 could provide your small business with all the tools, functionality and intelligence it needs to optimise what you offer to customers and grow organically without bringing down a shower of problems onto yourself. Every business is unique, and Sage 200 can be tailored to match your specific needs, with subscriptions that enable you to pay only for the tools and solutions you need.


The Big Question: Is Sage 200 affordable for small businesses?


This is the thing that many small business owners don’t realise – Sage 200 can be implemented in an affordable way for your needs. This is because it offers tiered pricing so can cater to businesses with limited needs.

As an example, Sage 200 standard with 5 users can come in at under £300 a month which is highly affordable for most small businesses. And with it being a cloud-based solution that you access via subscription, there is very little in the way of upfront costs. You don’t need to invest in on-premises servers and hardware; it is accessible via your existing computers and even mobile devices.

Sage 200 Professional can be taken as an on-premise solution or hosted in the cloud, while the Standard module is entirely cloud-based. The Professional suite may not be as accessible or necessary for smaller businesses, but if you get on well with Sage 200 Standard then it might be something to consider for the future once your business has grown further.

For more details about Sage 200 pricing with example packages please visit our Sage 200 price guide.


Further Thoughts on the Affordability of Sage 200


When considering the affordability of business software, one key consideration is how it might save costs elsewhere, and also help increase revenue. Essentially, these are areas where it can, at least partially, pay for itself. Sage 200 will deliver on these things for most small businesses that were not previously using any form of ERP software.

The benefits of Sage 200 for small businesses include:


Efficiency Gains

Sage 200 offers the ability to automate a number of data entry procedures that would otherwise have to be done manually. These processes take up a lot of time for staff, reducing their productivity and thus harming your bottom line. They can also lead to human error, which can cause further problems down the line.

Furthermore, by enabling a full, interconnected perspective of disparate business concerns like accounting, customers, stock, supply chains and human resources, you get access to more efficiency gains by viewing everything as a single, interconnected entity.


Rapid Implementation

Time to value with Sage 200 is very short, particularly for smaller businesses. The implementation can be done fairly quickly, particularly with expert help, by customising the existing templates that are designed for businesses in different industries. Once the systems are in place, you will immediately be able to streamline the most complex processes in your business and begin identifying opportunities for improvement and growth.


Improved Customer Relations

Your customers are core to your revenue, and the tools Sage 200 provides will enable you to swiftly begin optimising your interactions and engagements with customers. Smart tools can help you improve your customer service and learn more about customers to offer new ways to upsell, cross-sell and encourage loyalty.

You will also find that your marketing operations improve with the insights you gain from Sage 200. You will get a better idea of what to advertise, who to target and how to connect with them, boosting your ROI on your marketing budget and bringing in lots of new prospects to nurture.


A Powerful Tool, Accessible to Everyone


By offering packages tailored to the needs of smaller businesses, the power of Sage 200 can now be placed in the hands of small business owners. By budgeting for the subscription fee, you gain access to these rich and powerful functions without breaking the bank, and you can swiftly begin reaping the rewards.

Implementation is key – you need the system to work for you, and you need to get it up and running as swiftly and smoothly as possible. The best way to do this is with the help of a reliable and committed implementation partner with lots of experience assisting businesses like yours. This way, you will get maximum value for your money and gain access to all the right tools for your business, implemented and combined in such a way to work exactly as you need them.

Once you are up and running with Sage 200, you will experience the improvements it brings to the table and start to reap the rewards. The subscription fee will feel like a small price to pay for the time and cost savings it brings, as well as the potential for growth that would otherwise have been unavailable to you.


Why choose Eventura to help deliver your Sage 200 project?


With two decades of Sage deployments under our belt, we are experts in delivering robust Sage 200 solutions that are meticulously designed to suit your specific business needs. We take a full 360-degree view of your business, and help you identify all of your requirements.

Our team of expert business analysts, developers, consultants, technicians and support staff will guide you through your Sage 200 project from conception, through to deployment and ongoing support.

If you would like to speak with one of our Sage 200 experts, you can request a free call back here.

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