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Manage your projects

Eventura has been a trusted partner of construction firms for over 10 years, providing flexible solutions capable of sharing crucial information in real-time across multiple locations to ensure projects aren’t held back.

Our team have an in-depth understanding of the construction industry, the issues that many firms face and the solutions to resolve them.

Benefits of our solution

In an industry where costs and efficiencies are continually under pressure, every minute matters. Our solutions include business systems, managed IT services, helpdesk support, cyber security services and more, meaning that in a single email or call our team are able to assist you.

Make compliance simple

Our solutions have the ability perform functions such as online subcontractor verification, CIS submissions and production of payment certificates.
This helps construction companies to meet their obiligations quickly and with ease.

Stay in budget

Keep control of your  project, ensuring that they remain within budget. Our solutions allow project costs to be tracked in real time with the click of a button. 

Staying secure in today’s digital world

Ensure that your business and intellectual property is protected with a robust network and effective cyber security measures. 

Access any time, from anywhere

Whether onsite or in the office you can access business critical information to make strategic decisions. Through hvaing this information available, potential issues can be detected early, before they lead to project delays or increased costs.

Health and Safety

The use of mobile devices increase efficiency but many construction managers worry about ensuring the health and safety of workers, particularly during lone working. The selection of appropriate hardware, implementation of policies, monitoring and specialist apps can all be leveraged to provide peace of mind that employees are safe when conducting their daily tasks at various locations.

Robust devices

When working in the great outdoors on sites, robust devices are essential as they have to stand various weather conditions and circumstances. We are able to advise you of the best devices and how to protect them physically, roll out these devices across your workforce and maintain them for you. 

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