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Putting people first

Simplify and transform your Human Resources, with a solution that puts people at the centre.

We have a great understanding of the challenges faced by HR professionals, having provided many businesses with solutions for greater control, improved communication and increased employee engagement.

Benefits of our solution

Reduce time on administrative tasks 

By using our solution as a single location for all documents relating to HR, time on administrative tasks is greatly reuced.


Single, secure location

Storing important information in one single, secure location ensures that information is protected and readily available when needed.

GDPR compliance 

Our solution is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation to ensure the personal data of employees is safe. Also, should you receive a subject access request from a disgruntled employee, all of their data relating to HR is stored in one single location.

24/7 employee access 

Employees can access policies, procedures and their personal information 24/7, reducing the number of times they have to contact a colleague in HR.

Empower line managers 

Line Managers are able to view holiday schedules, training requests and information about their team quickly and easily. This helps them to plan schedules for the coming weeks. They can also approve or deny holiday, leave and training requests with a click of a button and the option to provide reasoning.



Empower employees

Employees have a greater sense of control over their personal data, holidays requests, training requests and greater visibility of the HR policies and procedures of the business, leaving them feeling empowered. 

Paper-free future 

Our cloud based solution reduces the need for outdated printouts and physical employee records, ensuring data is more secure, everyone is better connected and the environment is protected.



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