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Making your job easier

A reliable business management solution, which provides an instant overview of your organisation’s financial position at any time, is essential for making decisions quickly and with confidence.

 From analysis of historical data to real-time state of play, your solution should offer it all.

Benefits of our solution

Our business management solutions are designed to ensure that valuable financial information can be accessed quickly and when needed, making strategic decision making simple. 

Accurate, real-time information

By harnessing the power of cloud technology, many of our solutions can be accessed from anywhere at any time so business never has to come to a halt.

Flexible accounting periods

Our solutions offer flexible accounting periods (up to 20 in some cases), which can be opened, closed and re-opened as requires. Periods can also be setup in advance for the future.

VAT flexibility

Make HMRC compliance simple, with built in VAT submissions and the ability to choose VAT inclusive or exclusive prices.

Automated statements, standing orders and direct debits

Ensure that you have a handle on cash flow with a simple overview of outstanding customer payments and invoices. Set up processes to send statements directly to customers and track standing orders and direct debits with details of the days they are paid, frequency, number of payments made, number still to pay etc.

Flexible nominal code structure

Enjoy the benefit of in depth analysis and reporting. Set up departments and cost centres as well as Profit & Loss, balance sheet and cash flow reporting with the option to group accounts for reporting purposes. Make adjustments to previous year journals and roll changes forward to ensure your accounts are accurate and up to date.

Batch data upload

Upload a batch of journals and place individual transactions on hold for authorisation before committing them to a ledger.

Simple, interactive dashboards

Gain an overview of your business quickly and with ease, using simple dashboards to highlight everything from financials to purchases and sales orders.


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