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How Digital Transformation Can Improve Customer Experience

July 17, 2023

For some time now, digital transformation has been key to revenue growth. This has caused a shift in how brands set yearly goals and KPIs. But recent signs have shown that there is a new goal at the core of operations: customer experience (CX).

The internet makes it easy for customers to discover hundreds of companies that offer the same products or services. Competition is high and the digitisation of customer interactions has developed greatly over the last few years. Now, the key differentiator between companies is the CS they offer. Technology is still a big factor, however.

Customers like options. For instance, some like to self-serve while others prefer to talk to someone. The solution for this is an omnichannel approach that accommodates both, and this requires technology. Read on to learn more about enhancing customer experience through digital transformation.


How do you define customer experience?


Customer experience is not the same as customer service. The experience involves everything about the journey a customer has with your business:


  • What is their first interaction like?
  • How do they feel at each stage of the process?
  • What methods are available for navigating through the customer journey?


A smooth, efficient customer journey is the ultimate goal. Anything short of that can lose you customers, and failure to offer the experience a customer wants is not something that can be fixed by your customer service team.

In the modern market, people don’t need to do a lot of thinking for themselves. They expect brands to accommodate most of this for them via technology. Through digital transformation, you can offer the best customer experience interlinked with customer service and satisfaction. This helps you stand out from the competition.

In the eyes of the customer, the experience of your brand is almost as important as the product or service itself. It is fundamental to customer loyalty, which is something you need to succeed. Thus, improving customer experience at every touchpoint has become high on everyone’s agenda.


How can technology be used to improve CX?


Technology can do several things that will help with customer experience.


Improve Customer Support

Customer support is fundamental to good customer service. People need to be able to transition from one stage to the next easily. You can implement technology to assist with this. Software can offer support for customers that helps them feel valued by your brand. Show people that their needs are important to you and they will keep coming back.


Automation For a Simpler Experience

Keeping contact with real humans to a minimum has become important for many customers. As such, you should provide as many self-service options as possible. This extends to implementing tolls that provide answers to important questions about your services or products. Automating this means people get fast answers without having to speak to a person, and this is important for many.


Provide Personalised Recommendations

Technology can make it easier for customers to find the things they need. Personalised recommendations suggest things based on a customer’s search parameters and the types of things bought by people making similar searches. They also make recommendations based on a person’s profile and use history.  This can expedite the experience for customers – something they will regard very highly.


How To Focus Digital Transformation on Customer Experience


The benefits of digital transformation on customer experience are many. But what technologies can be deployed to make them happen? Consider:


  • Chatbots.
  • The cloud.
  • Virtual/augmented reality.
  • Analytics.
  • Feedback surveys.
  • CRM systems.
  • Co-browsing.
  • Screen sharing.



These handy bots use AI technology to offer nuanced support without the need to contact an actual person. They provide swift answers to common customer questions.


The Cloud

This is hardly brand new, but its application for CX is increasing. The cloud makes back-end processes smoother, meaning reduced downtime and better website performance for an improved customer experience.


Virtual/Augmented Reality

This can be something that sets you apart from the competition and gives your customers additional information about products or services. For example, a 360-degree VR tour of a property for sale could help customers get a feel for a house or apartment without having to physically visit it.



Data is key to making improvements across the board. This includes customer experience. Data can give you insights into customer behaviour to identify areas where problems arise. It can also identify patterns in complaints to find areas for improvement. And remember the personalised recommendations we mentioned? Data is fundamental to getting this right.


Feedback Surveys

Allow your customers to tell you how you could better serve their needs. With a few questions sent electronically, feedback surveys can allow customers to tell you how you are doing. One common time for this to be used is when a customer unsubscribes. The data collected can be leveraged to make improvements in the future.


CRM Systems

With integrated CRM solutions, it becomes easier to find customer data and deliver a smooth experience in the event that customers need to chat to customer support. Relevant customer data is manageably stored and easy to access.



If a customer has difficulty navigating your app or website, co-browsing enables you to jump in and carry out actions on their behalf. This boosts efficiency and demonstrates your commitment to delivering an engaging service. These are crucial components of good customer experiences.


Screen Sharing

This is similar to co-browsing, this is a great way to improve interactions with customers. Through screen sharing, you can carry out live product demonstrations and offer guidance in real-time. This level of assistance provides customers with an intuitive and personalised experience that will set you apart from the competition.


Final Thoughts

With so many digital tools available to improve customer experience, it is simple to leverage technology to deliver better experiences for your customers. Explore what’s available and identify the tools that will be most useful to you. This will be crucial for remaining competitive and inspiring customer loyalty.


Why choose Eventura for your digital transformation journey?


Eventura have been helping businesses in their digital transformation journey for two decades. From the implementation of industry-leading ERP solutions such as Sage 200 and NetSuite, to helping them move their entire operations to the cloud and away from costly and restrictive on-premise solutions.

As well as being NetSuite Solution Providers, Sage 200 Partners and Microsoft Gold Partners, we also offer a wide range of managed IT services, meaning we can take your business as a whole and help it achieve digital transformation.

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