Who was crowned king pin?


On Friday 15th August, Eventura team members gathered at the local bowling alley for a team building event which this year came in the form of a bowling competition.

The team members all arrived in high spirits, eager to compete for the War of the Workers contest and watch Managing Director, Chris Houghton; Technical Director, Paul Birbeck and Consultancy Director, Scott Gibson compete for the Battle of the Bosses contest.

With two games of bowling, the first was used as a practice run so that everyone was able to perfect their skills and keep an eye on the skills of the other competitors. Within the actual competition the scores were very close throughout and until the very last bowl no-one knew who was going to be crowned the champion.

After the match, prizes were awarded by the bowling alley staff. These included the “Battle of the Bosses” trophy which was awarded to Scott Gibson, Consultancy Director; the “War of The Workers” trophy, awarded to Ajay Patel; the “Funniest Bowler” which was awarded to Jayne Houghton and the “Most in Need of Improvement” which was awarded to Martin Daley.

Thank you to the Management team for organising the event and to all of the team members that participated in making the night so much fun.

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